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Soyle-sama played Astro Empires

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Soyle-sama said...
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Got one of my bases occupied randomly
His ratios were terrible: Attack 1 His losses 391,010/My losses 192,500
Attack 2 His losses 10440/My losses 0

He claimed the 332,612 credits worth of debris, along with his pillage adding up to 387,183, which still doesn't cover his losses, let alone make a profit. I'm headed back to retaliate now, and as long as he doesn't get online soon enough to pull his fleet out, he'll be losing over 2 million, and I'll only be losing about 250,000. I do believe that's how it's supposed to be done

Debris from my retaliation, 1,298,948 estimated by battle calculator.
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Reclamation of my base successful. Epic losses ratio in my favor at 310,000 / 2,088,550
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